In the whole of Japan, I think I love rooftops the most.

I love the rooftops. I can't stop thinking about them.
A few years ago, I started a company specializing in rooftops.
We have made thousands of rooftops pursuing luxury rooftop and simplicity.
At the same time, I looked around at the rooftops all over the world and learned a lot.
Eventually, it felt like I could not stay like I had been before.
If it is "civilization" that makes human life convenient, it is also said that "culture" enriches human life.
The rooftop is exactly the latter.
Japan housing is mostly closed up and having a rooftop opens up the house.
we can experience light, wind from all the four seasons therefore just going to the rooftop feels relaxing. And that's where we get the energy for facing tomorrow.
I think that the rooftop enriches our health.
If we were thinking about rooftops simply as a business, we can not achieve our goal of intergrating it with culture.
I think we even need more devotion and love for the rooftops.
For this reason, we set up this new PASIO.

The goal of PASIO is 'rooftop democratization'.
We deliver "above the world standard products at the right price" to "everyone" in the world who is yet to have interest.
It is a "Renaissance" to change the way people live with rooftops.
I believe that it is also a "human revival".
Our aim is to focus on the design rather than engineering and marketing.
It does not simply refer to the shape and decoration.
Considering the meaning of born out of existence, function, and possibilities, we want to give the rooftops life.
Imagine what kind of experience the user will experience.
PASIO will spare no passion in our effort to color human life.

In the spring, the hills seem to have grown bigger from the view on the rooftop.
I've just come back on my lovely rooftop.

We are Rooftop Designers.

CEO Tom Okazaki
May 2015
CEO Tom Okazaki
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Company prolife
Company name Pasio Co., Ltd.
Adress [Head office] 1001 Central heights Sannomiyahigashi, 6-4-24 Wakanadori, Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo 651-0091, Japan
[Akasaka terrace] 7-8-5F Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052, Japan
Date of establishment January 9, 2015
Capital 85,000,000 yen
CEO Tom Okazaki
Business Development, sales and construction of roof terrace