It is unfortunate that rooftops in Japan have only a "hardware-like" (physical) function.
There is usually only one role for the living room and that is to occasionally drink tea.
There is often no "Software-like” (non-physical) function.

COLORS has "three softwares" which change function depending on the space you are in.
Depending on the phone app, the smartphone may become a phone, a music player or an internet terminal.

Think of a "kitchen & dining" software.
Or a software called "home bar".
Or a software called "relaxation".

While zoning these three software, the lines and details were beautifully designed to produce two types of / products "COLORS white" and "COLORS black".

Most people who are currently constructing rooftops only think of things that are possible now, but PASIO imagines what can be done for tomorrow and the future.

We are Rooftop Designers.

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