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About the usage
Can you do BBQ, fireworks and bonfires? If you are on a tile, there is no problem in doing BBQ. However, please do not put direct fire from fireworks, bonfires etc on the tiles, as it may cause a fire.
Can you install a vinyl pool? There is no problem if it is a commercially available vinyl pool for children. However, when draining water, please drain water little by little so that the drainage ditch does not overflow. There is a possibility of water leakage.
How do you handle snow? Please be careful not to overflow the drain when there is snow. When the drainage gets frozen, please mix with hot water.
About maintenance
How do you usually do maintenance? Garbage and dead leaves will stop the flow of water. Torrential downpours within a short time are not unusual. Please clean regularly before drainage canals and drainage pipes become clogged.
Is it necessary to repair and check every few years? Regardless of the wish to extended guarantees, there is aged deterioration, so we recommend checking every 10 years.
About waterproofing What kind of structure is it? The waterproof sheet is crimped to the substrate with a resin adhesive with high durability and adhesiveness. At the end of waterproof construction, a skilled craftsman checks all adhesion surfaces and confirms that it is 100% water proof.
What materials is used? We are using a waterproofing sheet which has resistance to ultraviolet rays, acid rain, salt damage and has high durability performance.
What are your achievements so far? We have successfully adopted a construction method with more than 10,000 buildings per year.
About waterproof guarantee What are the warranties and what will they guarantee? Waterproofing adopted by COLORS has a 10-year warranty. For details, please refer to "COLORS waterproof guarantee".
About the package Can I select or remove items? COLORS is a package product containing all items such as flooring, furniture, etc. including waterproofing. We do not recommend changes or exclusion of some items.
About purchase How much is the price of COLORS? COLORS is sold in two package plans, combining selected items pursuing functionality and beauty. Therefore, extra expenses in sales management and construction are all offered at cut prices. As for the specific amount, please contact the house maker / contractor for consultation as it will vary depending on the number of square meters(area) and installation situation.
How can I sell it? Please do not hesitate to contact us first. We will explain the details. If there are any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us using the contact below.

If there are any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us using the contact below.

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